Gendarmerie Finistère adopt all-terrain electric motorbikes

They travel on foot, by car, by bike, on horseback… But not only that! - Sophie Benoit reported for Le Télégramme, from Quimper, France.

Gendarmerie Finistère will now also be equipped with all-terrain electric motorbikes. The first in France. UBCO 2X2, all-terrain electric motorbikes were unveiled January 17, in Pluguffan, near Quimper.

Introduced by TOAD, UBCO’s distributor for France, initially six bikes will be deployed to the community of brigades of Saint-Pol-de-Léon in early February.

Gendarmerie Nationale is aiming to decarbonize their vehicle fleet, following the national strategy in France.

The French Gendarmerie is not alone in identifying UBCO as a useful patrol vehicle. The Royal New Zealand Air Force Security Forces have also adopted UBCO 2X2 electric bikes, finding they make patrolling easier and faster. Proven over five generations of product, UBCO 2x2s are being used in organisations and businesses across North America, Europe and Australasia. 

Because UBCO bikes are so easy to ride and safe to use, they are easy for organisations to adopt. Being all-wheel drive, they are capable and agile both on and off-road, making them ideal for applications such as conservation, land management, and tourism.

“UBCO 2X2 is silent, quick and safe motorbike, making it an ideal vehicle for every day patrolling and protecting society, says UBCO’s Justinas Pagirys, VP of Sales, EMEA. "We are certain more regions will follow Finistre example and we are pleased to have UBCO accessible on the #CHORUSPro platform in just a few clicks.

"It is great to work with a passionate TOAD team in France, and we are grateful for Colonel Charlotte Tournant and Lieutenant Colonel Benoît PIERRE for their trust, as well as all the Gendarmes present during the presentation."