Go the distance - battery range

Keeping track of your battery range is a key part of ensuring you get the most out of your adventure – and return to base again safely!

‘Battery range’ refers to the distance you can travel on a single battery charge. Our UBCO 2X2 has a maximum range capability of 75 miles/120 kilometres, and every electric vehicle will provide you with a theoretical range like this to give you an idea of how long you can ride. But in the real world, the range may be more or less than expected. Why?

Many factors can impact your battery range. From driving styles to the type of activity you’re using your UBCO bike for, to the terrain you’re navigating across, these variables will make a difference to your range and can mean that range can differ from rider to rider on the same vehicle.

If you’re feeling nervous about how much range your vehicle has, there are a few key things you can do to give yourself more confidence before you hit the road:

  • Gauge your range:
    We suggest taking a couple of laps around a safe environment should give you a strong base understanding of your driving style and the various factors that may impact the range.
  • Plan ahead:
    Check what your journey will entail, and plan accordingly to your battery range. For a longer trip, we recommend checking whether you have access to a power source to charge your battery on the way, or packing a spare battery to ensure you make it the distance - just in case.

To get the most out of your range, and help you to plan accordingly, here are some key considerations to keep in mind before you jump on to your UBCO bike:

1. Check your cargo

Weight may not affect an electric car too much, but when it comes to a light-weight electric bike like an UBCO, it will have a noticeable effect. A rider carrying a heavy pack, chilly-bin, or other equipment will most likely have a lower range compared to a solo rider, due to the extra power needed to carry the load.

2. Hard acceleration

Whether you are blasting along a track or cruising in the sunshine, the more you accelerate the bike, the quicker you will work through your battery range. So on long-distance trips, ensure you drive at a steady cruising pace to get a better mileage distance from your battery charge.

It’s also important to remember that although going fast gets you from point A to B quicker, higher speeds will put more demand on the battery.

3. Tackling the terrain

UBCOs are made to tackle every type of terrain for both adventure and work needs. But depending on where you are driving the terrain will impact the battery range as the surface will add additional resistance and strain to the battery and motor. For example, an UBCO bike will get a lot further on one charge on a smooth tarmac surface, compared to a muddy paddock or mountain ranges - and don’t forget that going uphill will require more energy as well!

4. Manage the temperature

Battery performance diminishes in both extremely high and low temperatures. If leaving your bike for longer than 20 minutes in considerably cold or hot temperatures, we advise removing the battery and keeping it in a temperature-controlled area until you return to your bike. You can read more about how temperature affects battery range here.

5. Pump it up

Just like any vehicle, if your tires aren’t at the correct pressure, your UBCO bike will use more power to travel around. You can increase or decrease your pressure depending on the terrain you are travelling through, but a lower pressure will reduce the battery range. Keep it at the recommended PSI and you will be good to go!

6. How old is your battery?

All lithium-ion batteries degrade over their life cycle - even the one in your phone! The older your battery is, or the more you have used it, the lower your range will be. For our top tips on how to maintain your battery health as time goes on, check out our blog post here.

7. Personal comfort levels

There is no ‘one size fits all' approach, and the level of charge you may feel comfortable with getting down to before recharging your UBCO bike is personal. Some people may like to keep a buffer by only discharging to 20%, whereas others may be happy dropping down to 10% or even 5%, keep an eye on the level of charge on your LCD screen or mobile app, and be prepared to recharge once the low battery light appears.

For more information on getting the most out of your battery —and in turn your range – check out our battery care blog.