Historic Steam Transport to Ultra-modern Electric

From Historic Steam Transport to Ultra-modern Electric in Less than an Hour

Real Journeys’ latest Queenstown attraction carries visitors on one of the oldest forms of transport, the 104–year old TSS Earnslaw steamship, to one of the latest: the Ubco electric trail bike.

Designed in New Zealand, the dual electric drive trail bike has a lightweight frame and powerful near silent motor in each wheel that provide complete control for an off-road adventure at Walter Peak.

Real Journeys is the first company to provide a fleet of the brand new Ubco bikes as part of a tourism attraction. Commercial Director, Tony McQuilkin says he chose them because they were extremely functional, simple to use, innovative, silent and fitted the company’s conservation ethos.

“These bikes are the way of the future –there’s no noise, no internal combustion engine, no petrol tank, muffler, chain or clutch. But importantly for us they’re incredibly fun and easy to ride and are a great way to enjoy the back country hills and magnificent views at Walter Peak. The things are extraordinarily sturdy, quiet and take you anywhere, through mud or gravel,” says Tony.

The Walter Peak Electric Trail Bike trips take three and a half hours and start with a ride across Lake Wakatipu on the TSS Earnslaw. Groups of up to 12 join a nature guide, and put on protective clothing to travel around the paddocks and hills around the farm. The uninterrupted views are spectacular thanks to the large scale removal of noxious wilding pines; part of Real Journeys award-winning Walter Peak Land Restoration Project.

The trips will start today, and are bookable on www.realjourneys.co.nz. Visitors must be at least 13 years old, 150cm or over in height and weigh less than 110kg. Anyone who can ride a mountain bike on tracks and trails will be able to ride the electric trail bike.