The Spinoff - How UBCO captured NZ’s electric motorbike market

There’s a home-grown electric motorbike that’s being used for everything from delivering pizzas in Wellington to herding cows in Waikato. Michael Andrew from The Spinoff visited Tauranga-based UBCO to learn more about their sleek machines.

“It seemed like it was a bit of a gimmick,” says Coombes. “I knew nothing about it. It was on a stand and they were revving it up and both wheels were spinning. I didn’t actually consider it at the time. All I thought was ‘who would ever buy that?’... A year later, I had seven of them.”

– Waikato dairy farmer Grant Coombes

“Our mantra is that we ‘only work with good buggers’ and this is a critical part of the 3 Wise Men way. The team at UBCO definitely met our ‘good buggers’ test and we’re proud to partner with them.”