RideApart review - Life with an UBCO 2X2

Janaki Jitchotvisut, from RideApart, covers life with an UBCO 2X2 in Part 3 of her review.

How are the roads where you live? Sure, there are plenty of people on the planet with gravel and dirt roads, but that’s typically not the case in urban areas. Go just about anywhere that’s both paved and also gets winter, though, and you’ll start hearing jokes about how there are two seasons—winter, and construction.  

For those unfamiliar, temperature extremes cause hard road surfaces, especially asphalt, to heave and crack. Then you get potholes, and often some slapdash pothole repairs that only serve to exacerbate the sorry state of many a road. If you live somewhere that uses salt to melt the ice and snow, your roads are probably even worse.

More than once, Chicago-area riders have joked about needing a full-fledged ADV bike to handle some of our roads. Although the UBCO 2x2 ADV is absolutely pocket-sized compared to, say, a KTM 1290 Super Adventure, it’s got one thing the Super Adventure and its class competitors don’t: AWD. Let me tell you, that is a magnificent feature to have on two wheels, even when it’s as diminutive a machine as this

Janaki Jitchotvisut, from RideApart, writes about her experience with an overview of the UBCO 2X2 features via the link below.