Startup Hustle - Building Connections through Product Innovations

Startup Hustle is a US-based podcast for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs with 190 countries tuning in, and over 3 million lifetime downloads.

In this episode of Startup Hustle, Lauren Conaway and Katherine Sandford, Chief Executive of UBCO - Electric Adventure Vehicles, talk about creating connections through business and building an experience through products.

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  • The Katherine Sandford backstory (01:59)
  • On ecosystem building and development (06:14)
  • Securing funding by leveraging your role and experience in the ecosystem (08:37)
  • How to foster relationships out of nothing (10:06)
  • Reasons why Katherine went back to New Zealand (11:52)
  • The impact of her family on Katherine’s entrepreneurship journey (13:59)
  • Katherine’s leadership style and her family’s influence (16:32)
  • On being a woman in a male-dominated space (20:00)
  • How to earn trust in business (22:00)
  • A list of Katherine’s great wins (26:45)
  • Do motorbikes give you a sense of adventure? (32:59)
  • Connecting with your environment through a silent vehicle (35:38)
  • Advice that can make your entrepreneurship journey easier (38:42)