Tourism Off the Beaten Track

DirtEBikeRs Case Study

The Algarve, Portugal’s southern most region, known for its rugged Atlantic coast is the perfect location for adventure. Brad Dodd and Russ Longmuir founded DirtEbikes in Vale do Lobo in 2020 focussed on delivering a different kind of electric tourism offering that would help more people discover what the coastline has to offer.

UBCO 2X2 was a natural fit - an electric motorbike that was accessible, easy to ride and able to handle a variable landscape from beaches to tracks with ease. “These are the only bikes of their kind in the world and are perfect for the terrain we encounter on our tours.” says Russ.

The company provides guides tours lasting from one and a half hours to four hours including Farro Island and Alte and Quinta da Tor winery. For real adventurers the company offers bespoke tours of three to five days taking in parts of the Via Algarviana and the Pilgrims trail from Porto to Santiago de Compostela along the coastal route.

Key to the offering is motorbikes that are accessible for everyone and enjoyable to ride. “No real experience is necessary. There are no pedals, no gears and no clutch and no heat to worry about and the bikes have regenerative braking that slows you down. One lady in her 70s said on her Tripadvisor report that she could not stop grinning for three hours.” says Russ

DirtEbikers have found the UBCO bikes the best way to see the hidden Portugal away from the much-frequented coastal resorts. In any tourism operation durability is as important as accessibility.

Find out more about the 2X2 Adventure Bike or sign up for a test ride to experience the electric adventure bike for yourself.