Into the Wild: Bike Packing for Fly Fishing with Your UBCO 2x2

There is definitely an art to bike packing and photographer and UBCO enthusiast Jake Kunkel has it mastered. He shows us how to pack the UBCO 2X2 for an overnight fly fishing excursion.

Picture this: a few days in the heart of the wilderness, surrounded by nature, fly fishing, and camaraderie with your buddies. It's an absolute treat. Yet, the key to making this experience unforgettable (for the right reasons) lies in getting your packing just right. Too much gear can weigh you down, while too little can leave you uncomfortable or, in some cases, even endanger your adventure.

Learn about what Jake took bike packing on a recent adventure with fellow fly fisher William Woodward. Taking advantage of the UBCO 2x2’s 330lb carrying capacity they challenged conventional camping norms by bringing along luxurious items often left behind, including a trusty cast iron pan and a full-fledged coffee making setup.

Still amazed by Jake’s awesome packing skills? Check out exactly what went into and onto his bike for the excursion and start planning for your next adventure!

Be sure to check out Jake and Willie's flyfishing adventure here. As an UBCO Ambassador Willie has a referral discount he's made available to our readers. Enjoy!

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