eBike vs. eMotorbike: An Adventurer Rider's Comparison Guide


Are you considering buying an electric motorbike but feeling overwhelmed by the options? Don't worry, we're here to help!

In this guide, we explore the unique features and benefits of electric motorcycles such as the UBCO 2X2. You’ll discover how they compare to e-bikes and traditional motorcycles, and see why they're becoming an increasingly popular choice for riders everywhere.

How does the UBCO 2X2 compare to eBikes?


While not directly comparable to most e-bikes, which are lighter and much less robust, here are a few key comparisons to consider:

Power: Both e-bikes and UBCOs run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. These can be charged by plugging the charger directly into power outlets in your home. The 2X2 runs its two powerful 1kWh electric motors from its large capacity battery, while e-bikes use a single, less powerful electric motor to provide pedal-assisted power from a much smaller battery.

Oomph: All that extra power (and no need to pedal) gives the 2X2 more oomph than an e-bike. With a top speed of 30mph/50kph, the UBCO 2x2 is designed for a max carry-weight of up to 330lb/150kg and navigate off-road terrain. On the other hand, most e-bikes are designed for lighter loads and smoother surfaces, and typically reach a top speed of around 20mph/32kph.

Traction: The UBCO 2x2 is a two-wheel-drive bike that provides better traction and control in off-road conditions. Most e-bikes are single-wheel-drive and designed for on-road use.
Range: The UBCO 2x2 has a longer range than most e-bikes, with a maximum range of up to 75mi/120 km on a single charge. Most e-bikes have a range of 18-50 mi (30-80 km), depending on the battery size and terrain.

Strength: The UBCO 2x2 features a robust, high-strength aluminum frame that is designed to withstand rough terrain and heavy loads, while the suspension system absorbs bumps and shocks. Most e-bikes are nowhere near as robust.

In summary, e-bikes are lighter than UBCOs but don't have the same speed, range/battery power, and load capacity; and are generally not built tough for off-road use.

How does the UBCO 2X2 compare to traditional motorbikes?


The UBCO 2X2 leans towards the power of a motorcycle but without all the noise and fumes. They are two similar but very different modes of transport. Within the category of adventure trail bikes, the closest comparison is often touted as the Yamaha TW200. When comparing to traditional motorbikes, here are a few things to consider:

Power source: The UBCO 2X2 is entirely electric and powered by a lithium-ion battery. This allows for the entire vehicle to be lighter than a traditional combustion engine motorcycle because there are less engine components. It also means less maintenance.

Drivetrain: The UBCO 2X2 is a two-wheel-drive bike, meaning it has independent electric motors in each wheel, providing better traction and control in difficult or off-road conditions. Most traditional motorcycles have only one rear-wheel drive.

Noise level: The UBCO 2X2 is almost silent when it's running, which makes it perfect for hunting or other activities that require stealth. Traditional motorcycles tend to be much noisier and can be heard from miles away.

Ride: The UBCO 2X2 has a simple twist-and-go throttle, and there is no clutch or gears to worry about. The low center of gravity, lightweight design, lack of noise and vibration, and user-friendly controls make it a particularly easy and approachable bike to ride.

Licencing: With a motorcycle (over 50cc), you need a special endorsement to ride. While the UBCO 2X2 is road registerable, it’s typically classified legally as a moped. This means you usually need a standard driver's license to ride it on the road. However, requirements vary across different jurisdictions, so be sure to check.

Weight: The UBCO 2X2 is lightweight and agile, making it easier to maneuver in tight spaces or off-road and to attach to cars and RVs. Most traditional motorcycles are heavier and require more skill to handle.

Maintenance: The simplicity of the electric motorbike's design, fewer moving parts, and lower maintenance requirements make them easier to maintain than ICE bikes. Additionally, electric motorbikes typically have longer service intervals, which means they require less frequent maintenance and are more cost-effective to own over time.

Overall, the UBCO 2X2 is designed for specific off-road activities and offers unique advantages over traditional motorcycles, such as quiet operation and two-wheel drive. ICE motorcycles are generally faster than UBCOs with a more extended range but are also more expensive, heavier, and require advanced riding skills and a motorcycle license. They are also more challenging to maintain, and most street legal models are not built for off-road use.  

Investing in Your Two-Wheeled Future

If you're looking for an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to get around town, get stuff done, or head off road, the UBCO 2X2 is the way to go. These powerful machines provide all the durability and muscle of a motorcycle without the high fuel and maintenance costs. They are also much lighter than their gas-powered counterparts, making them easier to operate. So, if you're looking for an all-round ride that's a less noisy and expensive option than a traditional motorbike, without sacrificing style, why not consider an UBCO electric motorbike?  

And don’t forget when comparing to e-bikes, which have a wide price range but are generally a less expensive and lighter alternative, they come with a few trade-offs. E-bikes are not as fast or powerful and have shorter battery life. You'll also need to pedal (and sweat), especially when going uphill!

The UBCO 2X2 is a unique and versatile electric motorbike that is designed to handle a wide range of terrains and riding conditions. Dual electric motors provide all-wheel drive traction, giving it exceptional off-road capabilities, while its lightweight and compact design make it equally at home in urban environments. With a top speed of 30mph and a range of up to 75 miles on a single charge, the UBCO 2X2 is a reliable and eco-friendly choice for anyone looking for a fun and efficient way to get around on or off the road.  

How Can the UBCO 2X2 Improve Your Daily Life?

Our electric motorbike is changing the game by providing unmatched versatility in a single vehicle. Advantages of choosing UBCO include:

Commuting to Work 
  • Save money on gas 
  • Twist & Go with no clutch for easy riding 
  • Nimble design lets you maneuver through traffic and accelerate from traffic lights 
  • Convenient parking and maneuverability in congested city settings


  • Extend your ride into an adventure with a 75-mile range and no pedaling 
  • Park up the RV and get to unexplored areas surrounding your campsite with its off-road capabilities 
  • Use the 19-lug system to attach your surfboard, fishing rods, hunting gear, ranch equipment, camping gear, cooler, picnic basket, and more 
  • Haul more oversized items with a mini trailer 
  • Charge your bike off solar or overlanding energy setup with an inverter 
  • Take a quick trip to the store to replenish supplies without having to use your full-size truck or camper

Business Needs

  • Ideal for hauling small trailers and supplies around the farm 
  • Cost-efficient local delivery capability making it perfect for food and postal delivery  
  • Tourism fleets for lots of fun for all abilities and ages  
  • Land and city management  
  • Use for security around large workspaces.