Owner Insights: Low cost of ownership

Before acquiring an UBCO 2X2, the majority of our owners didn't even factor in the low cost of ownership. However, as we discovered in our annual customer survey, after using the bike it quickly became one of the most praised features. This shift in perspective got us thinking that we should explain just why the cost of ownership for an UBCO stacks up so well.


1. Easy on Maintenance, Tough on Durability:

The UBCO 2X2 motorbike is built tough with a straightforward design. Its simplicity, with fewer moving parts compared to traditional counterparts, results in significantly reduced maintenance needs and therefore costs. With no oil, filter, spark plugs, gearbox, or clutch, there are fewer components prone to issues, leading to fewer replacements and maintenance tasks. Although the average cost of labor during a service may remain similar, the overall expenses for part replacements and maintenance are noticeably diminished. The streamlined design, complemented by fewer moving parts, can also enhance reliability and longevity when coupled with proper care and maintenance.

2. No More Rising Gas Worries:

One of the biggest perks of the electric 2X2 motorbike is that it doesn't need traditional petrol or diesel. This not only helps the environment but also saves money by avoiding the ups and downs of fuel prices. When compared to a traditional farm 4X4 bike, an UBCO utility vehicle will reduce carbon emissions by 99%, and fuel costs by 98%*.

Charging the electric 2X2 motorbike is both environmentally friendly but also cost effective. No special wall charger is required, the UBCO charges from a standard wall plug. With an average cost to fully charge the UBCO 2X2 with a 3.1 kWh battery of just €0.90 (based on an average residential electricity charge), keeping the bike charged is affordable. This makes it a sensible and cost-effective choice compared to traditional fuel-based alternatives.

3. Clean Riding, Clean Planet:

Beyond cost considerations, the electric 2X2 motorbike contributes to a cleaner environment by producing zero emissions. Compared over 50,000 km with diesel, petrol, and hybrid-powered cars, gas-powered mopeds, and electric cars, the UBCO 2X2 bike offers an extraordinary reduction of up to 97% in carbon impact, and up to 97% in operational costs*.

This is an important aspect in the push for sustainable transportation practices, making it a responsible choice for both personal and business use.


The electric 2X2 motorbike proves to be a cost-effective solution for sustainable transportation, offering a winning combination of minimal maintenance, freedom from fuel expenses, economical energy consumption, and zero emissions. Whether for personal or business use, this electric alternative aligns with eco-friendly goals while being mindful of your finances. As people and industries seek smart and economical transportation solutions, the electric 2X2 motorbike stands out as a practical and forward-thinking option.

*2023 Report by independent carbon-measurement specialists The Lever Room.