Security Forces adopt electric bikes

Royal New Zealand Air Force Security Forces have adopted UBCO 2X2 electric bikes, finding they make patrolling easier and faster.  

The New Zealand Defence Force began trialling the bikes in 2020 with each of the services putting them through their paces. 

Security Forces personnel are now using the bikes at all three Air Force bases to conduct day-to-day security tasks, which include fence checks, internal patrols and emergency responses. 

“The bikes have proven to be efficient and versatile on and off road. They are light and small, allowing personnel to cover areas where beforehand patrolling on foot was the only option,” said Wing Commander (WGCDR) Ivan Green, Deputy Director Aerospace Delivery, Capability Branch. 

With a speed of up to 50km/h areas can be covered more often and the bikes provide the security teams with an effective and fast response capability. 

“Having that ability not only makes their job easier but also aids in the overall level of domestic and operational security the Security Forces trade can provide. 

“Teams have been impressed by the minimal maintenance the UBCO bikes require. Requiring a car licence to operate has simplified the training requirements, meaning people can use this transport relatively easily.” 

The bikes can also cross different types of terrain on and off base, from water saturated airfield perimeters to sand dunes and dirt tracks at remote air weapons ranges. 

“All of these characteristics have meant other units have started to look at how they could also use this type of capability,” WGCDR Green said. 

“The RNZAF Security Forces role within the Air Force adapts in order to be more effective. The UBCOs help in optimising the standard of security in order to maintain and improve the protection of NZDF personnel and assets.” 

Article originally published by the New Zealand Defence Force