UBCO Bikes at Tyresta National Park

Tyresta National Park, a natural jewel just outside Stockholm, Sweden, stretches across approximately 20 kilometers of varied landscape. This park, home to ancient forests and an array of wildlife such as wood grouse, owls, and roe deer, faces the continuous task of balancing environmental preservation with effective management.

Tyresta National Park is the largest area of ancient forest in the southern part of Sweden. The park is surrounded by Tyresta Nature Reserve, and together they contain 5,000 hectares with 55 km of walking trails. To maintain biodiversity, park staff also manage a small farm where they grow crops and raise heritage breeds of cows, sheep, and poultry.

Within this context, Jonas Ekstrand, Managing Director of Tyresta National Park, initiated a pilot project using UBCO 2X2 electric motorbikes to explore sustainable solutions for park maintenance and visitor services.

The adoption of UBCO 2X2 bikes in Tyresta aimed to explore an environmentally friendly approach to routine tasks. Initially brought in for updating park signage, these electric bikes presented a promising alternative to more traditional, impactful methods, aligning with the park's dedication to ecological preservation.

A Multifaceted Tool for Park Management

Throughout the pilot, the UBCO bikes showcased their remarkable versatility. They were not only effective in updating signs but also proved invaluable for carrying a variety of tools essential for park maintenance. From smaller items to larger equipment like chainsaws and axes, these bikes handled transportation needs efficiently. This capability was particularly beneficial for tasks such as trail maintenance, patrolling the park's extensive area, and supporting operations at the park’s farm.

Jonas Ekstrand also observed an evolving dynamic between park rangers and visitors. The presence of rangers on UBCO bikes appeared to foster a more approachable and integrated image, making it easier for both to communicate. Using small and quiet vehicles allows rangers to run daily activities with minimal disturbance for visitors. The park receives more than a million visitors per year, often families and school children.

Promising Potential

This project of integrating UBCO 2X2 electric motorbikes into Tyresta National Park's operations is a step forward in innovative environmental stewardship and builds upon many conservation projects UBCO has been involved with in New Zealand, Australia and the US. It shows potential for harmonizing modern technology with nature conservation and providing a better experience for both conservation professionals, as well as visitors of protected areas.